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Advisory & OCIO Solutions 

Highmore’s Alternative Investment Advisory and OCIO Solutions provide customized, cost-effective outsourced alternative investment support to augment the in-house capabilities of Registered Investment Advisors, Family Offices, Foundations, and other qualified investors.


Many investors have exposure to alternative investments, but too often, the absence of a full alternatives team in-house means qualified, regular monitoring, analysis, and reporting is not properly performed.  Meanwhile, sophisticated clients and top performing advisors are demanding more robust alternative investment access and capabilities, requiring resources which can prove difficult and expensive to source and integrate organically.


Highmore’s position as a principal investor enhances the value proposition to our Highmore Solutions clients for whom we may be asked to provide sourcing, due diligence, risk management, asset allocation and portfolio construction, advisor and client education and support, and/or other capabilities.


Our goal is to be an additive component of in-house investment teams, supporting a well-measured approach to the inclusion and maintenance of alternative investments within a broader portfolio context.

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