Highmore Principles

A strong set of values are at the core of Highmore. As a result, Highmore codified our firm's organization and values to act as a guide for our organization and as a representation to the external world of everything that guides us. 


Highmore’s culture and values guide everything we do as a firm – from the values we live, the way we recruit human capital, the way we invest, to the way we operate on a daily basis.
We believe a strong culture and well-defined values have a direct correlation to business success.

How we do our day to day work is quite simple: everything we do as members of the Highmore team must meet each of our value criteria.

We are committed to quantitative assessments of our team, partners and investment decisions because we believe that accountability is more accurately applied through strict process and measurement.

We recognize that human capital drives everything we do, which is why we assign the utmost importance to the selection of investment teams and the development of our own team members. This approach encouraged us to create a tailored talent development process that encourages the continual advancement and refinement of each of our team member’s skills and abilities. In the process, we solved many of the issues we believe exist with most talent review and development processes.

We created this guide to ease the process of integrating new team members into our culture and to solidify an understanding in our team. Further, this may serve those external to our organization as testimony to the importance we place on our culture and our values.
Ultimately, we believe that this value system highlights our commitment to a culture grounded in excellence, human capital, alignment, creativity, execution and social responsibility.

The Highmore Context

Consensus thinking results in consensus investment returns.

Correlations between investment strategies have increased significantly over time and a flight to perceived safety has resulted in assets flowing into consensus investments. As a consequence, original insights and truly idiosyncratic investments have become rare, with size being the enemy of performance.

Investors increasingly look to alternative investments as a solution, but are constrained by the scarcity of talent and the apparent complexity of the best investing opportunities. Accordingly, investors gravitate towards choices that result in muted returns. Inertia reigns.

Highmore thinks differently.

A genuinely alternative asset management firm with a global perspective, Highmore delivers idiosyncratic investments that complement the investment objectives of our high net worth and institutional clients.

Since uncovering differentiated opportunities and generating returns places a premium on skill, Highmore focuses on the most important, yet most overlooked asset of all, human capital.

Highmore identifies investment talent in the growth stage of their business life cycle. We partner with teams with deep domain knowledge and a proven pedigree — the true outliers and original thinkers.

Through a behavioral profiling processes, scientific application of proprietary investment research and portfolio integration, Highmore aims to de-risk growth stage investing.
By partnering with investment talent for the long-term, aligning interests with investors and investment talent, and identifying market inefficiencies, Highmore provides high conviction investments where patience and differentiated thinking increases the probability of investment success.


Complemented by a global network of multiple perspectives that increases our ability to originate, analyze, and integrate the most compelling opportunities wherever they are, Highmore’s objective is to deliver premium alternative solutions to the discerning investor.

The Highmore Name

Highmore was named after English portrait and historical painter Joseph Highmore, who was born on June 13, 1692. Joseph Highmore was born in London, and was a nephew of Thomas Highmore, Serjeant Painter to King William III. He displayed early ability but was discouraged by his family. At the ending of a clerkship at the age of 17, he abandoned law and started to work as a painter. On the revival of the Order of the Bath in 1725, he was selected to paint the knights in full costume. The years 1732 to 1734 were spent on a tour of the Netherlands and France and on his return to England, he applied himself to perfecting his talent, which continued for the next 50 years of his life, until his death, at the age of 87 on 3 March 1780. Highmore was buried in sheep's wool (to comply with a 17th-century statute to encourage the wool trade) in the fifth bay of the south aisle of Canterbury Cathedral.

The co-founders of Highmore began their working relationship in London and wanted a name that reflected their shared experience there. Joseph Highmore’s heritage and influence on English art made his name a natural fit. Because he represents creativity and a passion for excellence, Highmore’s name embodies much of the fundamental philosophy of the company. 


Highmore’s mission is to become a leading provider of premium alternative investment solutions to ultra-high net worth individuals and institutional investors with a patient, long-term and global investment outlook.

We believe that earning and maintaining our client’s trust is paramount to the success of our business. Gaining confidence in our team, investment approach and business management acumen is central to productive work. We are confident that a bilateral and reciprocal approach to these relationships will increase the probability of long-term success.


Highmore core values guide everything we do as a firm:

  • Excellence

  • Human Capital

  • Alignment

  • Creativity

  • Execution

  • Responsibility

Our values are central to our culture and our strategy. They define how we invest, who we partner with, how we develop our team and how we manage our business.

Our commitment to our team and our clients is demonstrated through these guiding principles because each exists to facilitate enhanced partnerships, business management and better investments for the benefit of our clients.

The experience of the Highmore team is where Highmore’s values began and were refined. Beyond experience, our approach to defining our culture and values is scientific and process-driven. We have studied and incorporated various management styles and culture suggestions from some of the most successful companies in the world and those that we admire the most. We acknowledge that these companies have devoted significant time and effort in refining their value maps, which has led to unique cultures that result in exceptional businesses. As a result, we are confident that our core set of values is personal to the firm and founded in best practices.




Producing high quality work in everything we do. Promoting meritocracy, investment excellence and ensuring that we only pursue investment and business areas where we can define an edge to excel.


Who we partner with

Groups or individuals where there is a well-defined culture of excellence and where we believe they have an edge to excel in their specific area. Teams that place a premium on pedigree, experience, specialization.

How we manage our business

  • Strive to attain high standards of quality and efficiency

  • Achieve over and beyond expectations, continuously refining our skills and ensuring integrity

  • Create a flat organizational structure to promote the best ideas from any and all team members


How we invest

  • Disciplined, patient approach with a long-term focus

  • Proprietary, factor-based measurement tool which defines our investment process


How we ensure accountability

  • Quantitative assessments of our team, our investment teams and our partners


Human Capital


Prioritizing skill and work effort as the most important assets in any endeavor. Understanding that human talent drives long-term business and investment success. Encouraging growth through meritocracy and the development of ability.


Who we partner with

  • Solely teams and firms who score well based upon our well-defined partner criteria

  • Realizing that there is both an IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient) and both are equally important

  • Prioritizing intelligence and integrity


How we manage our own business

  • Senior management leads the recruitment processes from the most senior to most junior hires

  • Create an informal workplace where communication and transparency are encouraged, designed to ensure sharing of ideas and a focus upon accountability

  • Maintain the highest quality working environment, which results in optimum performance and helps attract and retain talent

  • Respect individual differences, ensure that high standards are upheld in hiring decisions and motivate others to achieve their full potential


How we invest


  • Refrain from making an investment in an area with a compelling investment opportunity if we are not able to partner with the right investment talent that shares our core values

  • Behavioral profiling of managers


How we ensure accountability

  • Partner criteria

  • Employee feedback

  • Background checks

  • Assessment




Coordinating the interests of team members, investments and clients. Internalizing and understanding that results are personal reflections upon oneself and that team members are accountable for their actions. Owning one’s work and upholding the values and interests of clients and the business.


Who we partner with

  • Teams that share our focus on excellence and integrity, and place the client above all

  • Partners that provide sufficient transparency and communication


How we manage our own business

  • Maintain a flat organizational structure with a high degree of communication and teamwork with an owner mentality from the most junior member on up

  • Combine individual reward with the common interest in the success of the whole enterprise

  • Reinvest a percentage of all bonuses in the firm’s investment products

  • Work for each other, invest in each other for the long-term and act responsible to one another


How we invest

  • Employees’ investment in our products aligns our interests with our clients’

  • Benefits of favorable investment fee structures are passed to our end clients

  • Solutions-driven “client pull” approach as opposed to “product push”


How we ensure accountability

  • Employee feedback

  • Partner assessment

  • Highmore Holistic Diligence Framework




Exploring ways to improve, enhance, and create in all elements of our business. Combining a pursuit of originality, a rejection of complacency and a belief that things can always be improved. Approaching work with a desire to innovate and think differently.


Who we partner with

  • Specialized investment teams that think outside of the box

  • High-conviction strategies run by managers who are willing to be contrarian

  • A preference for investments and teams in the growth stage of their business life cycle.


How we manage our own business


  • Promote courageous stances, unique investment opportunities and innovative mind-sets

  • Think differently to create value with differentiated solutions

  • Reward team members for innovative ideas


How we invest

  • Proprietary psychological, qualitative, quantitative scoring methodology

  • Enhanced solutions that address client’s needs

  • Proactive search for new investment ideas


How we ensure accountability

  • Continuous analysis and research

  • Purposeful engagement in tasks to build and refine skills, abilities and knowledge

  • Highmore Holistic Diligence Framework



Believing that no great idea matters unless it can be enacted consistently. Applying this belief to how we manage and develop our business and teams, how we select and assess partners and how we select investments. Understanding that each of Highmore’s values must perpetually be acted upon in order to improve our business.



Who we partner with

  • Partners with a history of execution

  • Partners with a realistic chance of execution success


How we manage our own business

  • Promote simplicity to encourage timely and precise results that are easily communicated and clearly understood

  • Recognize that the ability of our team to execute is a function of the collective contributions of individuals and that the sum of the parts is greater than the contribution of any one individual

  • Under-promise and over-deliver on everything that we do from at all levels


How we invest

  • Selection of investment teams with a history of business and investment execution

  • Solutions-driven approach


How we ensure accountability

  • Highmore Development Framework

  • Highmore Partnership Framework

  • Highmore Holistic Diligence Framework




Feeling a responsibility to create good for ourselves, our partners, our clients and the broader world. Achieving this through constant improvement of ourselves and those around us.
Promoting good through our charitable giving and how we develop our team. Believing that the success of our team should not be confined to merely the advancement of ourselves, especially when we have the opportunity to give back in meaningful and rewarding ways.



Who we partner with

  • Managers whom we trust to serve as fiduciaries for our clients’ assets  Those interested in equality, human rights and respect for the environment


How we manage our business

  • Excel with an intent to benefit others within the team, the firm, and the community


How we invest


  • Incorporate socially responsible investment values

  • Perform industry-leading operational due diligence to prevent fraud

  • Realize that our number one responsibility is to always look out for our client’s interests.


How we ensure accountability

  • Contribute to the advancement of others in the local and global community, with an emphasis on science and education

  • Research opportunities in clean technology and socially responsible investment

The Importance of Diversity 

Highmore believes in the importance of diversity and is registered as a minority owned business.

We firmly believe that our team’s diverse backgrounds, socially responsible investing efforts and inclusive environment put us in a unique position to excel. We believe that having multi-national, multi-lingual, and multi-background team positions us to become a leading provider of differentiated alternative investment solutions.

We believe diverse teams are more inclined to uniquely approach, analyze, and assess problem-solving decisions. Given that consensus thinking increasingly prevails in the investment industry, we believe that a diverse group is more likely to have a differentiated thought process and approach and the ability to think creatively. For an investment manager, this means that our portfolios, partners, and investment offerings have been scrutinized from multiple perspectives. Our diversity is a major driver keeping us informed, strategic and effective.

We foster an inclusive work environment that is consistent with our focus upon human capital. Our culture will help us continue to attract and retain the most talented and qualified employees. We believe our diverse team reflects the communities in which we live, leaving us better-equipped to act in accordance with our mission.

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