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Investment Management for Accredited Investors and Qualified Purchasers

Discretionary & Non-Discretionary Portfolios

Private Credit

Real Estate

Liquid Alternatives

Private Equity

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Customized Solutions

Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Portfolios


Highmore provides both discretionary and non-discretionary investment management services. We work with clients either tactically, providing access to and support for specific investment opportunities, or holistically, managing clients’ complete investment portfolios through a proprietary risk mitigation framework. 


Highmore invests in both public and private market investments, which are sourced and selected through the application of a proprietary, behaviorally-focused investment process.


Investment solutions are structure agnostic, and include direct investments; proprietary, single manager, and multi-manager structures; as well as holistic portfolio management or completion portfolios.



Real Estate


Highmore Properties pursues a multi-sector, multi-strategy, and multi-operator approach to real assets that seeks to produce income, preserve capital, and foster long-term capital appreciation. Where possible, we seek real estate investments which are diversified by operator, strategy, property type, sector, and geography. Utilizing core, core-plus, value-add, and/or opportunistic strategies, Highmore aims to deliver attractive, tax-efficient, risk-adjusted returns through debt and equity investments, sourced from Highmore’s proprietary network of opportunities.


Our philosophy is based on two fundamental goals:  to maximize predictability and consistency of investment returns, and to minimize risk through strict attention to portfolio design and project execution. Highmore actively works with highly regarded operating sponsors that have institutional experience, proven pedigrees, compelling long-term performance, and alignment with investor interests.


Highmore accesses actionable middle-market opportunities employing a conservative and systematic approach to underwriting and due diligence. We conduct market-level, quantitative, and qualitative research prior to investing capital into a specific market or transaction, and focus on markets we believe are poised for outsized growth.  



Private Credit


Pre-Covid, many investors had been lulled into a false sense of security by prolonged equity bull markets, under-appreciating that the portfolios they believed were diversified were, in fact, unduly exposed to equity market risk and vulnerable to capital loss. Meanwhile, many investors were overreaching for yield against a material decline in credit quality.  


Today, amid unprecedented fiscal stimulus and even greater indebtedness, investors would be very wise, in our view, to question if bonds alone can properly diversify portfolios often still unduly exposed to equity market risk. Highmore helps investors access a host of private credit solutions with an aim to provide improved portfolio diversification, risk management, and current income generation.



Liquid Alternative Portfolios


Diversified portfolio positioning remains highly prudent in uncertain markets and can benefit from material alternative allocations, in our view, given the elevated risk across markets and that bonds are unlikely to sufficiently diversify equity allocations. Yet the same market conditions give rise to a want for liquidity.  To that end, Highmore's Liquid Alternative Portfolios offer a suite of turnkey, daily liquid, low investment minimum tools to easily integrate alternatives with existing or new allocations. 


Highmore's turnkey portfolio options aim to provide differentiated, defensive, and complementary risk and style exposures versus traditional-only investment portfolios, whether focused on diversification, return enhancement, and/or current income.


For Registered Investment Advisors and other asset managers, Highmore also provides custom white labeled portfolios.



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