Identifying The DNA of Exceptional Investment Talent 

The Highmore Approach

Consensus thinking results in consensus investment returns


Correlations between investment strategies have increased significantly over time and a flight to perceived safety has resulted in assets flowing into consensus investments. As a consequence, original insights and truly idiosyncratic investments have become rare, with size being the enemy of performance.


Investors increasingly look to alternative investments as a solution, but are constrained by the scarcity of talent and the apparent complexity of the best investment opportunities. Accordingly, investors gravitate towards choices that result in muted returns. Inertia reigns.


Highmore thinks differently


Since uncovering differentiated opportunities and generating returns places a premium on skill, Highmore focuses on the most important, yet most overlooked asset of all, human capital.


Highmore identifies investment talent in the growth stage of their business life cycle. We partner with teams with deep domain knowledge and a proven pedigree — the true outliers and original thinkers.


Through a behavioral profiling processes, and the scientific application of proprietary investment research and portfolio integration, Highmore aims to de-risk growth stage investing.


By partnering with investment talent for the long-term, aligning interests with investors and investment talent, and identifying market inefficiencies, Highmore provides high conviction investments where patience and differentiated thinking increases the probability of investment success.


Complemented by a global network of multiple perspectives that increases our ability to originate, analyze, and integrate the most compelling opportunities wherever they are, Highmore’s objective is to deliver premium alternative solutions to the discerning investor.


Experience has led Highmore to create an investment diligence process which is guided by three principles: the importance of human capital, a focus on growth stage investments, and the application of a scientific process in investment selection and portfolio construction.

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