Meeting an Increasing Need of Registered Investment Advisors

Increasingly investors are augmenting their investment portfolios with alternative investments.


At the same time more Registered Investment Advisors are in need of an alternative investments solution if they are to attract and hold onto the largest advisors and clients.


Yet the question remains how to do so in an easy and intelligent manner, while also doing so in a cost effective and timely manner.


Highmore’s RIA Solutions were designed to meet this need of Registered Investment Advisors looking to not be left behind in the shift towards alternative investments.

Registered Investment Advisors 

Investors Are Seeking More Alternative Investments 
Investors increasingly seek to reduce market risk and increase idiosyncratic risk through the inclusion of differentiated investment styles such as alternative investments. 
This shift poses an opportunity for RIA's to capture a greater share of client business, which also tends to be a longer-term allocation of clients when compared to their traditional investment portfolios.
Asset Allocation Trends 2002 - 2015
Source: NACUBO-Commonfund Study of Endowment Results, 2002-2014
The Question Remains For Registered Investment Advisors And Investors Of How To Best Access Alternative Investments?
Common Questions of Registered Investment Advisors

Our firm currently doesn’t have deep alternatives experience. Do we address this by building a costly team or partnering with experts?

My clients are looking for alternative investments, but we have very little to offer. How do I address this?


My clients want alternatives, but also want liquidity for their portfolios. Is this possible?


I need ongoing support if we are to include alternative investments in a portfolio. Where do I find this? 

Common Questions of Investors

I am hearing more about alternative investments. Is this something I should be considering for my own portfolio and if so how do I do so?

My financial advisor's firm does not offer alternative investments. Should I look for another firm to work with?


I have seen the offerings at the big banks which all seem to be the same. How do I find something unique?


I want alternatives, but don’t want to be illiquid. Is this possible?

Highmore's Registered Investment Advisor Solutions is the Answer To Firms Seeking Seamless Access To Differentiated Alternative Investments  

​Investment Sourcing

  • Access to proprietary network

  • Use of Highmore’s investment sourcing score methodology

  • Client-driven

  • Advisor-driven

  • Established investment teams

Due Diligence

  • Holistic investment diligence reports

  • Behavioral analytics

  • Operational due diligence

  • Investment research

  • Market and strategy research

Portfolio Management

  • Risk-based asset allocation models

  • Portfolio Analytics Review (PAR)

  • New portfolios

  • Completion portfolios

  • Model portfolios

Risk Monitoring​

  • Monthly and quarterly monitoring

  • Risk management reporting

  • Operational oversight

​Investment Access

  • Public and private market

  • Single manager

  • Multi-manager

  • Direct investments

  • Customized portfolios

  • Product creation and structuring 

Client Support

  • Client-ready investment diligence reports

  • Client-ready reporting (monthly, quarterly, annually)

  • Client-ready proposals

Highmore realizes that not all Registered Investment Advisors have the same needs as it relates to alternative investments, as such the solution can be customized depending upon those needs  
  • Full service alternative investments team

  • Model portfolios customized based on investor type, risk and liquidity: retail, high net worth, institutional models

  • Model portfolios can include Highmore recommended investments, or RIA approved investments

  • Approved list of public and private market investments

  • Approved list of direct investments

  • Access to liquid investments, hedge funds, private equity, real assets and other non-traditional investment

  • Models can include traditional investments where requested

  • Highmore team can work with RIA CIO in creating custom models where requested

  • Monitoring of existing RIA alternative assets to add extra layer of regulatory oversight

  • White labeling of alternative investments platform or products

  • Educational support including materials, conference calls, seminars

  • Sales support where requested

  • Creation of requested products

  • Creation of portfolio presentations for advisors to use with clients

  • Creation of client-ready reports on client requested investment

  • Creation of intranet with approved products, etc. where requested

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