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The Next Generation of

Global Alternative Investing


A Diversified, Global Alternative Asset Management Firm,

Acting both as Principal Investors and Allocators

On Behalf of Private and Institutional Clients

New York | London | Los Angeles | Houston

Highmore offers a unique breadth and depth of expertise across the whole of the alternative investment universe, in both liquid and illiquid investments:  from private credit to real estate, private equity to hedge funds, and liquid alternatives to cash management.  

We work with clients either tactically, providing access to and support for specific investment opportunities, or holistically, managing clients’ complete investment portfolios through a proprietary risk mitigation framework. 


Our investment approach addresses two common yet flawed investment practices:  the over-reliance on past performance as a predictor of future success, and the human bias for the familiar.  ​Uniquely, Highmore's investment approach aims to identify the DNA of exceptional investment talent, as we believe the most reliable indicator of investment success is human behavior.  We focus on opportunities in the growth stage of their investment life cycle, as we believe they are more likely to provide greater alignment, transparency, and investment outperformance.


Against increasingly correlated and volatile public markets, and regardless of an investor’s risk appetite, it is our strong belief that no portfolio is today properly diversified without meaningful allocation to alternative investments.  Through a proprietary investment process that identifies those variables which most strongly link to investment performance, Highmore brings the next generation of global alternative investing to clients seeking robust risk mitigation and genuinely differentiated investments.

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Highmore Investments  - Highlighted Investment Opportunities

Opportunity Zones 

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 provided for the creation of “Opportunity Zones,” specially created districts that allow investors to enjoy unprecedented tax benefits for reinvesting some or all of their US capital gains in the development of low-income US communities.


Tax benefits include the deferment of unrealized capital gains and up to a 15% step-up in basis, significantly reducing the tax liability of contributed capital; exemption from new capital gains tax on the Fund’s underlying investments; and more.


Highmore's $1 billion-plus shovel-ready pipeline, and our long-standing premier developer partnerships, represent key differentiators as the Fund takes equity stakes in a diversified group of real estate projects in top tier markets across the United States.

Liquid Alternatives

Highmore’s Liquid Alternative Portfolios were created to provide all investors, large or small, with turnkey access to alternative investments in a diversified, daily-liquid format.


Liquid Alternatives mimic the lower correlation, lower volatility, and downside risk mitigation of illiquid alternative investments, while avoiding longer-term lock-ups and dependency on future market events to exit.


Highmore’s Risk Targeted Portfolios are designed to provide clients with a diversified investment portfolio with three options: Conservative, Balanced or Growth.


Highmore’s Alternative Income Portfolio is designed to generate current income as either a standalone investment or to complement an existing fixed income portfolio allocation.

Trade Finance 

Highmore’s Trade Finance investing is focused on strong principal protection, while generating current income with low correlation and low volatility relative to the equity and bond markets.


Our investing offers compelling risk-adjusted performance and important diversification, while filling a gap in the market, providing trade financing for strongly managed, well established, profitable small and medium-sized enterprises.


Among alternative investment opportunities, we believe the short duration, security, and self-liquidating attributes of the Highmore Trade Finance investing's underlying transactions uniquely well position investors.