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Our Firm

Highmore is a full-service, SEC-registered asset manager, with a particularly deep expertise in alternative investments.


We work with private and institutional clients either tactically, providing access to and support for specific investment opportunities, or holistically, managing clients’ complete investment portfolios through a proprietary risk mitigation framework.


Highmore was founded by a team with a long-shared history at firms such as Man Group, FrontPoint Partners, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citigroup and Oppenheimer & Co., where the team built investment businesses, developed differentiated alternative investment strategies, managed funds, and oversaw assets in excess of $25 billion.


Senior partners also have extensive experience working within high profile ultra-high net worth families to grow complex operating businesses, commercialize new technologies, and direct meaningful political and philanthropic efforts.


Highmore presently manages and advises on assets in excess of $2.5 billion. 

Our Investment Approach

Highmore invests in both public and private market investments, directly and indirectly, across asset classes and investment structures.  

Alternative investments cover the broadest range of investments in the investment universe and refer to the varying structures of an investment such as real estate, private credit, hedge funds, and private equity, covering all asset classes. 


Highmore’s investment selection and portfolio construction is driven by three beliefs:


    - Repeatable investment results require a robust, repeatable      investment process.  From investment diligence to                      execution, Highmore values the application of science and        consistent, objective investment analysis.


    - Alignment with investor interests is critical for improved          transparency, flexibility, and long-term investment                      performance.  


    - Human behavior, one of the most predictive variables that      exists, is often overlooked in selecting investments and in          understanding investors. Highmore seeks and develops            investment managers with deep experience, distinct skill            sets, and a demonstrated ability to execute in a variety of          market conditions.

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